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Welcome! This is my Anime Site! How do you all like it so far? Haven't read much? Just look around!
Hello all. I am Alaya... or atleast that is the name I give out online. ^^; This site is to give people a thing or two about anime and get more people to watch it! I am also going to try to make an RPG. If anyone doesn't know what an RPG is it is a Role Playing Game. Well I will try to get this site to be as good as I can. ^^
Anime listings!
Here is were I will put up the sites that I have made for anime! Not any right now because I have just started so don't pay tooooooo much attention here because it mi---ght take a while. ^^ I'm just peachy. So don't pay attetion to typos.
New things added!
This is were I will put up new info about the site or places just newly added. I am a first timer at this so... wish me luck! I will try to make this fun and well... good! So try not to get too angry with me!

I will try to put the application on this part to let people start signing up! Hey people! The custom page is the sign-up page! Hope lots of you sign-up. I need at least ten students so that I won't have to play to many students.
E-Mail me!

Questions anyone? Well My E-Mail address is above. Sign my guest book if you want it to be answered soon.

This is Sailor Jupiter... from Sailor Moon
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