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This is the RPG I think this will work out but you can not be stupid. I will list the rules in a different part of this page read them then you know what to do in this RPG. Anime School

Ok listen up! This is all the rules!

1) No sex. You can write something about romance but DO NOT get detailed. This will get me very mad and might get you kicked.

2)Do not (if you get in a fight) act like god. This will also get me very mad and you might get kicked from the RPG.

3)You can not be a different persons character. You can't write and I'm just picking two names 'Karen throws John against a wall. John gets up and kicks her in the face.' I will get VVVVEEEERRRYYYY angry if you do that.

Your in it

This is a spot that I will try and find something to do here.